Goodnight, Tinkerbell

On a deeper level than addiction, I am terrified of letting go of the attention I’ve been giving the news on social media, because all my adult life I have subscribed to the Tinkerbell Effect.

The Queer Case of David Sedaris

I haven’t been keeping up with CBS Sunday Morning, but somehow David Sedaris as the new Andy Rooney makes perfect sense. Last week’s monologue was an example of a grumpy old man having a pet peeve and a platform to patter on about it.

Pride, and other sorrows

This relationship, like all relationships where affection is abundant, free and flowing (rather than a burden and obigation that dimishes and depletes) was a profound awakening to something I had only had an inkling of up to then: not just the possibility of love, but it’s true-life existence. Chad was my first love.